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Thank you for stopping in. Just joined  my yearbook, facebook, myspace and who knows what other site I might find to infect, shit its all about the time and so Ive got a reason to carry on with this, I just looked at my guestbook (sign it if you would be so kind) and Ive had this goin since 2001.... times change but I been lookin for somewhere to hangout online since yahoo's older men for younger women chatroom went down.

   Havent decided exactly what I want to do, but Im sure somthin will develop as time goes on. I guess Ill start by updating it and doin some maintaince....anybody got any suggestions drop me a line here or my email   or maybe  lookin forward to hearin from ya.....

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 These pics are all from 1998 when the "jel" concept came about.. 

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drop me a line.... 04/14/2008 03:20 AM